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Entrepreneurship Certificate: A Partnership between UND and NDSU

This is a partnership between the University of North Dakota (UND) and North Dakota State University
(NDSU) to deliver an Entrepreneurship Certificate in such a way that all NDSU students can earn this
certificate. This certificate program is open to all NDSU students regardless of major. True to
entrepreneurial spirit, we seek to create something new while assuming the risks and rewards of this new
venture. As this joint venture grows and matures, new courses may be offered on both campuses. As we
partner to make this venture possible, we commit ourselves to using the best classroom and faculty
resources available to us. The rewards and recognition will flow appropriately because the ultimate
reward is highly competent citizens who bring new ventures to fruition and create jobs and wealth.

Larson Entrepreneurship Scholarships for NDSU Juniors


Larson Scholarship Application Cover Sheet

Required Coursework

CourseTitle & DescriptionCredit Hours

ENTR 200

Concept Generation and Technology Entrepreneurship -- Technical entrepreneurship is an introductory course to explore important foundational concepts of entrepreneurship, including technical feasibility, marketability, intellectual property (IP) protection, technology transfer, and venture initiation. This course is team-taught by one business school faculty member and one faculty member from a technology-oriented discipline.


ENTR 201The Entrepreneur and the Enterprise -- Prerequisites: ENTR 200 or permission. Introductory course that explores the relationship between ideas, entrepreneurs, markets, and enterprise. Topics include: What is an enterprise?, opportunity discovery, market feasibility, enterprise economics and profitability.3
ENTR 305Marketing and Management Concepts for Entrepreneurs -- Prerequisite: ENTR 201 or permission. This course is an introduction to the nature, significance and role of marketing and management in today‚Äôs society. The main objective is to explore business functions from both management and marketing perspectives. By combining the two disciplines, this course provides the prerequisite understanding needed by non-business undergraduate students pursuing further education in business.  It will point out the skills that managers must apply to meet crucial goals.3
ENTR 306Accounting and Financial Concepts for Entrepreneurs -- Prerequisite:  ENTR 201 or permission. The objective of this course is to develop an entrepreneurial understanding of the development and use of financial information. Topics include cash flows, the accounting cycle, financial statements, capital and master budgets, cost-volume-profit analysis, financial instruments, and risk and return issues, among others.3
ENTR 366Imagination, Creativity, and Entrepreneurial Thinking -- Explores the creative process and helps students identify their own creative problem-solving styles. Students develop innovative solutions to a wide range of problems that arise in the process of pursuing entrepreneurial ventures. Attention is devoted to the need for creative approaches to opportunity identification and business concept formulation when developing new products, services, and processes.3
ENTR 385Venture Initiation -- Prerequisites: ENTR 201, 305, and 306; Junior or Senior Standing. This course is concerned with the issues surrounding the creation of a new economical entity. The focus of the course is the development of a venture plan.


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If you are interested in enrolling in any of these classes simply fill out the Collaborative Student Contract and Registration Form at:

Then turn the form into Office of Registration and Records, 110 Ceres Hall. 

To learn more about Collaborative Enrollment see


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