Dowdell and Trude paper acceptance

Tom Dowdell, PhD, Laura Trude, Business Librarian, and co-author David Herda (Louisiana Tech University) have had their manuscript, “Research Productivity of Accounting Professors around a Change in Institutional Affiliation,” accepted for publication in Advances in Accounting Education. The paper is scheduled for publication in Volume 22 (2018).


This study examines the scholarly output of accounting researchers in time periods surrounding a change in university affiliation. Our expectation that publishing activity will increase in periods around an institutional change is based on expectancy theories and informed by studies on the contract year performances of professional athletes. Using a sample of 635 accounting professors who switched universities between 2008 and 2014, we find evidence that accounting authors who switch universities publish more in the years around a switch compared to other years. Our research contributes to the literature on changes in university affiliation by documenting a contract year phenomenon operating within accounting academia. Practical implications for college administrators are discussed.

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