Lehmberg Publishes on Glocalization

Derek Lehmberg, Phd has co-authored a paper titled, “A ‘glocalization’ approach to the internationalizing of crisis communication". The paper has been accepted and now forthcoming in the Business Horizons, a unique business journal that strikes a balance between the practical and the academic. 

A ‘glocalization’ approach to the internationalizing of crisis communication


This article focuses on the field of international crisis communication, whereby multinationals and their expatriate staff respond to crisis events in international and/or multicultural contexts. The field of international crisis communication is at or near a state of crisis due to lack of research and, more importantly, methods useful for practitioners.‘Glocalization’–—which is used successfully in fields as diverse as marketing, education, theology, and others as an effective and expedient way of leveraging global capabilities to meet local demands–—is proposed as one method for addressing this need pragmatically. Using glocalization for the internationalizing of crisis communication benefits practitioners and researchers alike in a way that avoids imposing Western frameworks and interpretations onto non-Western crisis situations. We demonstrate the approach with a case study involving multinational McDonald’s Corporation and its foreign subsidiary, McDonald’s Japan.

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