Marketing Strategy Students Compete in the Second Target Case Competition

Students in Marketing Strategy course at NDSU participated in the Second Target Corporation Case Competition held on May 12 in Richard H. Barry Hall, College of Business. The competition featured eight teams that worked on four marketing case studies on recent marketing problems facing Target Corporation. The teams were judged on their ability to creatively solve the assigned marketing problems using methods taught in the course and on their ability to communicate solutions. A panel of executives from the company and a business faculty from NDSU served as the judges.

The winning team developed an e-commerce campaign for Target’s back-to-college customer segment. The winning team members were Bailey Blondell, Kim Ellwein, Stacy Mundis, and Amber Winter. They had previously conducted market research reporting that a humorous social media campaign featuring customer testimonials may work the best. Accordingly, they developed a humorous viral campaign idea that involved back-to-college students sharing pro-tips with each other on dealing with problems in college. They executed their ideas with ad copies and samples of video ads, and carried out the data analysis to show the financial viability of their idea. Bailey and Amber are seniors majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management while Kim and Stacy are seniors majoring in Marketing.

“I learned more about how to estimate profits for a company and what needed to be thought about when trying to create a new technology for a large company”, said a student, who along with her group worked on a plan to develop a styling app for the company.

It was a great learning experience that was challenging yet rewarding with all of the aspects of the project and competition.” said another student, who along with his group developed a design partnership plan for Target.

“As the retail landscape continues to shape and evolve staying close to the next generation for ideas, business insight is extremely important to stay current as brand in a digital era. The students presentations were extremely impressive, well-thought out, and executed flawlessly throughout the case study”, according to Jodi Jordheim, an executive at Target who also served as one of the judges.

The Target Case Competition is a product of collaboration between NDSU College of Business and Target Corporation with an objective to provide students with real life exposure in marketing strategy and to bring live industry issues to classroom. 

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