NDSU PBL students recognized at state competition

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NDSU students won honors in the Phi Beta Lambda State Leadership Conference held March 20-22 in Minot, North Dakota. The conference featured student competitions, networking opportunities and presentations from industry leaders.

NDSU students earned four first place awards, six second place awards and two third place awards. The list of NDSU winners includes:

Jasmin Kaempfer, a junior majoring in marketing, earned third place in the business ethics category and third place in the job interview category.

Lindsey Lepper, a senior majoring in finance, received first place in both the personal finance and managerial concepts categories. She eared second place in financial concepts.

Kade Platta, a senior majoring in mechanical engineering, received first place in job interview and second place in organizational behavior and leadership.

Miranda Letzring earned second place both the personal finance and public speaking categories. She also led a workshop called "Collaboration-A Team Effort,” was honored as an NDSU Who's Who Award recipient and was recognized for her director-level completion of the Career and Membership Achievement Program.

Casondra Rutschke, chapter president and senior majoring in business administration and management, received first place in future business executive and second place in the impromptu speaking and microeconomics categories. She was honored as a State Officer Who's Who Award recipient and North Dakota Who's Who Award Recipient. Rutschke was reelected as North Dakota Phi Beta Lamdba state president.

Miles Novak was unable to attend, but was honored as an NDSU Who's Who Award Recipient.

Tyler DeWitz was unable to attend, but was honored for his completion of the director level of the Career and Membership Achievement Program

“NDSU students were able to network with students from across the region, build a portfolio of documented accomplishments and utilize their skills gained in the classroom in real life scenarios,” said Rutschke.

Phi Beta Lambda, the collegiate division of the national high school organization Future Business Leaders of America, is the largest student-run organization in the United States. The group focuses on developing leadership skills and collaboration. Students from all majors can join.

Students interested in NDSU’s chapter may contact ndsupbl@gmail.com

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