Riggins & Klamm Publish Case

Fred Riggins, Associate Professor of MIS, and Bonnie K. Klamm, Professor of Accounting, publish in the Journal of Accounting Education. Riggins and Klamm worked with a local firm in developing a data governance case that they have since used in a few courses.

Title: Data governance case at KrauseMcMahon LLP in an era of self-service BI and Big Data


This case increases your understanding of data governance in an era of sophisticated analytics and Big Data where corporate data integrity and data quality may be at risk. KrauseMcMahon, a large certified public accounting and business consulting firm, faces a tradeoff of increasing control of the company’s data assets versus unleashing end user innovation due to the proliferation of self-service business intelligence tools. You are required to analyze the issues in the case from organizational, financial, and technical perspectives to propose alternatives the organization should consider and make specific recommendations on how the company should proceed. By completing this case, you will demonstrate cross-disciplinary abilities related to foundational business, accounting, and broad management competencies. By addressing such competencies, the case requires your use of accounting, MIS, and upper-level business skills.  

DOI information: 10.1016/j.jaccedu.2016.12.002


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