Students Present at INFORMS

NDSU Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute (UGPTI) and the College of Business had several students invited to present at The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) annual conference this year in Phoenix, AZ.

Yuan Xu presented "Designing and Optimizing an Integrated Platelet Supply Chain Network Considering Transshipment" which discussed given the perishable and lifesaving characteristics of blood, unpredictable and unbalanced supply and demand incur a lot of waste due to expiry. Transshipment can help organizations deal with demand variability and stock outs, which will lead to a more balanced supply chain system. In this study, a mixed integer stochastic programming model considering blood transshipment for an integrated platelet supply chain is developed to minimize total operational cost under centralized control. The developed model considers multiple sources of supply and stock age information. Effects of demand variation, age composition, and transshipment will be analyzed.

Mingwei Guo delivered "Conjoint Analysis on The Use of Crowd Sourcing Model in Last-Mile Delivery For CEP Services" that focused on last mile delivery Crowd-sourcing model would effectively improve the efficiency and mitigate the cost for CEP service providers, but actual market response may differ from our numerical results. From a customer perspective, the quality of the delivery service contains not only time and accuracy, but also the overall experience and level of convenience. If hybrid model is to be used by those customers, the quality and satisfaction of the service may be influenced by the change of staff. In addition, some customers may terminate the send out/drop off scheduling with a citizen driver without CEP service uniforms. This study is designed to evaluate and estimate the direct and indirect impact on customer experience if hybrid models/scenarios are utilized by CEP service providers.

Ph.D. students Ali Rahim Taleqani and Yun Zhou also presented this year.

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