Scott BeaulierRonald and Kaye Olson Dean of BusinessBarry 102E1-8978
John BitzanDirector of the Challey Institute for Global Innovation & GrowthBarry 100A1-8949
Susan CouncilSenior Academic AdvisorBarry 102B1-8807
Kay HopkinsBusiness ManagerBarry 102D1-8826
Dane JohnsonPrograms Manager • Nice CenterBarry 100F1-5325
Scott D. MeyerOzbun Executive Director of EntrepreneurshipBarry 100E1-5325
Tayt RinehardtBusiness Coordinator • Challey Institute/Nice CenterBarry 100B1-8358
Janet SundquistAcademic AdvisorBarry 102C1-5497
Joseph SzmerekovskyAssociate DeanBarry 102F1-8128
Tricia TauerAcademic AdvisorBarry 102J1-5322
Elizabeth WorthMBA Outreach and Communication ManagerBarry 300C1-6038
Cody JangulaAssociate Director of DevelopmentBarry 102H
Bob OttersonDirector of DevelopmentBarry 100D1-6800




Peggy AndersenProfessor of AccountingBarry 2141-9765
James CliftonAssistant Professor of Accounting PracticeBarry 2521-7504
Lindsey DiFioreLecturerBarry 2281-5268
Thomas DowdellChair/Professor of AccountingBarry 200C1-5876
Nancy EmersonSr. Lecturer of AccountingBarry 2501-5562
David (Yongtao) HongAssociate Professor of AccountingBarry 2221-5705
HuiChi HuangAssistant Professor of AccountingBarry 2261-5185
Karen JohnsonAIS Academic AssistantBarry 2001-5845
Fone (Supavich) PengnateAssistant Professor of MISBarry 2461-8194
Michael PetersenAssociate Professor/AccountingBarry 2161-5105
Fred RigginsCtr. Enterprise Bus Analytics Dir/ Professor/MISBarry 2081-5102
Vishal UppalaAssistant Professor/MISBarry 2361-6498
Limin ZhangAssociate Professor/ MISBarry 2061-8609
Jill ZuberMAcc Director/Associate Professor/AccountingBarry 200B1-6651




Diane AxnessMM Academic/Sales Center/MBA AssistantBarry 3001-9407
Somnath BanerjeeAssistant Professor of MarketingBarry 3281-6719
Paul BrownMBA Program Coordinator/Senior Lecturer of ManagementBarry 300B1-7681
Linlin ChaiAssistant Professor of MarketingBarry 3021-5254
Rajani Ganesh-PillaiSales Center Director/Associate Professor of MarketingBarry 3461-5848
Michelle HongAssistant Professor of ManagementBarry 3121-8138
Dan HsuAssociate Professor of ManagementBarry 3521-5367
Joseph M. JonesAssociate Professor of MarketingBarry 3221-7690
Derek LehmbergMBA Director/Associate Professor of ManagementBarry 3441-8529
Jin LiProfessor of MarketingBarry 3261-8129
Gerry MacintoshProfessor of MarketingBarry 3201-7962
Joshua MarineauAssociate Professor of ManagementBarry 3141-8233
Onnolee NordstromAssistant Professor of ManagementBarry 3041-6504
Tim O. PetersonChair (of TLF)/Professor of ManagementBarry 3501-7061
Andrea SmithSr. Lecturer of Business LawBarry 3321-7096
Charles StevensProfessor of ManagementBarry 3081-7935
Chanchai TangpongChair/Professor of ManagementBarry 300D1-9445
Rodney TraubAssociate Professor of ManagementBarry 3181-8803
Kate TulibaskiAssistant Professor of PracticeBarry 3161-8480
Newell WrightProfessor of MarketingBarry 3061-6532




Raj BridgelallAssistant Professor of Transportation and LogisticsQBB 430F
Jeffrey (Jun) ChenAssistant Professor of FinanceBarry 2041-5708
Lindsey DiFioreLecturerBarry 2281-5268
Ranjit GodavarthyAssistant Professor of Transportation and LogisticsQBB 410D1-7767
Fariz HuseynovAssociate Professor of FinanceBarry 2021-5704
Pan LuAssociate Professor of Transportation and LogisticsQBB 430C1-5185
Jeremy MattsonAssistant Professor of Transportation and LogisticsQBB 410C1-5496
Diomo MotubaAssistant Professor of Transportation and LogisticsHastings Hall 106D1-1088
Tim O. PetersonChair/Professor of ManagementBarry 3501-7061
Ruilin TianAssociate Professor of FinanceBarry 2441-6544
Kimberly VachalAssociate Professor of Transportation and LogisticsQBB 430M1-6425
David (Wei) ZhangProfessor of FinanceBarry 2201-5707
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