Pan Lu, PhD

Quentin Burdick Building, 430C


Pan Lu, PhD

Associate Professor of Transportation and Logistics

In 2010, Dr. Lu became a Research Analyst with Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute focusing in the area of asset management, freight transportation, smart transportation, rail transportation, and transportation safety. She became an assistant professor of transportation in 2015 and has been promoted as associate professor since 2017. In addition to her research activities, she has successfully taught several graduate courses including Highway Planning and Logistics, Transportation System II, Logistic Decision Analysis.


  • Ph.D., North Dakota State University (Transportation and Logistics)
  • B.S., North China Electric Power University (Technological Economics)

Research Interests:

  • Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Smart Material and Structure Health Monitoring
  • Big Data Analytics for Transportation
  • Smart Transportation
  • Transportation System
  • Asset Management
  • Multimodal Transportation
  • Geospatial Transportation Modeling