Center for Global Initiatives

Study Abroad with the NDSU College of Business

Spring Break Europe  Dubai - Burj Al Arab Hotel   Greek Ruins

     Spring Break Europe                     Spring Break Dubai                              Summer Greece

  Arromanches, France    Student in China    Killarney National Park in Ireland

         Summer: Ireland & EU                      Summer in China                            August in Ireland

CGI Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Global Initiatives (CGI) is to prepare NDSU College of Business students to survive and thrive in the global and multicultural work environment of the 21st century. We achieve this through global learning, both in the domestic classroom and through study abroad opportunities around the world. The CGI is also dedicated to enhancing staff training and faculty teaching through international development opportunities. A major focus is to help develop more globally minded faculty, staff, and students who can communicate effectively across cultures, who are more open to diversity, who are globally minded and who become more interculturally proficient. 



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