Global Business

This major combines global business courses with language training and an in-depth study abroad experience to qualify students for management positions in the diverse, multicultural, and global environment they will encounter in the future. It is not enough to simply learn about global business: students must be well-positioned for careers of trust and leadership in the global economy. 

Global Business is a second major, which may only be added to a primary major from the College of Business.

Students are admitted to the pre-professional major when they declare a major in the College of Business. Once a student has met the College's requirements, they must apply to the professional program in order to take higher level College of Business courses. Admission to the professional program requires: Students to successfully complete the pre-professional courses that are indicated with an asterisk (*) on the curriculum guide, achieve junior standing (60 credits) and earn a 2.50 institutional (NDSU) cumulative GPA. Students also must submit an application to the professional major to the College of Business. A letter grade must be earned in any course that fulfills a major requirement. Admission to the professional major is required to enroll in the advanced 300 and 400 level College of Business courses.