MAcc Curriculum


Course Number and Title



Required Courses
MIS 770Information Resources Management   3     fall
ACCT 750Accounting Theory3spring
ACCT 730Legal Aspects of Business3spring
ACCT 735Applied Professional Research3fall


Elective Courses
Select five (5) courses from the following:
ACCT 610Fraud Examination13spring/fall
ACCT 611Advanced Fraud Examination13fall
ACCT 615Advanced Accounting13fall
ACCT 619Tax Accounting II (Business Entities)13fall
ACCT 620Accounting Information Systems13spring/fall
ACCT 625Government & Not-for-Profit Accounting13spring
ACCT 640Management Control Systems13summer2
ACCT 722Auditing II3spring
ACCT 725International Financial Reporting Standards3summer2
ACCT 755Financial Statement Analysis3fall
Select one (1) course from the following:
MGMT 650Human Resource Management3TBA
FIN 610Investment Analysis and Management3TBA
MRKT 610Consumer Behavior3TBA
ACCT 696Special Topics3spring
Total Credits Required


1 Students cannot take the 600-level course if they took the 400-level course.

2 Summer courses are offered when student enrollment numbers meet the required minimum.


CORE UNDERGRADUATE ACCOUNTING COURSES: You must have completed the following courses or their equivalent.
ACCT 311                           Intermediate Accounting I                                             4
ACCT 312Intermediate Accounting II4
ACCT 320Cost Management Systems3
ACCT 418Tax Accounting I3
ACCT 421Auditing I3



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