Learn how to differentiate yourself to employers

NDSU’s Center for Professional Selling and Sales Technology is the only academic center dedicated to developing the sales skills of North Dakota students within the 11 campuses of the North Dakota University System. To enhance opportunities for students, the center offers a certificate in professional selling that is available to all NDSU undergraduates. 

By expanding your personal understanding of sales and critical sales processes, you provide yourself with access to a number of potential positions in a variety of industries. Best of all, the curriculum is open to all majors. 

How does it impact you? 

EVERYONE SELLS: “Approximately 50% of all college graduates, irrespective of major, are hired into first jobs that are primarily sales positions” (HR Chally

SALES SKILLS MAKE A DIFFERENCE: “Sales program graduates ramped up, on average, 50% faster than their non-sales educated peers. (Sales Education Foundation 2011

FIRMS ARE HIRING FOR SALES: The need for great sales skills is consistently echoed by employers. “For at least five consecutive years, Manpower, the recruiting and workforce development firm, has ranked sales positions as one of the hardest positions to fill." (Harvard Business Review 2012).