Internship Requirements

1.  The internship position must clearly align with a student’s major, field of study, or career goals and the tasks and responsibilities of the position must professional or paraprofessional in nature.

2.  Internship positions may be paid or unpaid experiences (please consult with the Career and Advising Center if you have questions or concerns about unpaid experiences).

3.  The internship must be on-site and have a designated supervisor or mentor.

4.  Students must be covered under the employer’s Worker’s Compensation insurance (or have coverage of equal or greater value).

5.  A minimum of 300 hours of work are required to meet the internship requirement.

Internship Registration and Course Enrollment

1.  Students must register their internship through the Career and Advising Center’s Internship Program in order to earn credit for the experience. (Learn more about the registration process here:

2.  During the internship, students are required to complete the required evaluations sent out by the Career and Advising Center and check their NDSU email regularly to receive updates and important information regarding their internship.

3.  Students must also submit a final paper or written report about their experience to their advisor. It is recommended that students keep a journal or log of their experience to aid in this written assignment. Students should check in with their individual faculty advisor to obtain the details of this assignment. Students must submit this assignment before the end of the term and according to the due date set by their faculty advisor. 

4.  Students must register their internship during the semester in which they are engaged in the experience. Internship credit cannot be awarded after the fact. Students must be registered with the Internship Program to begin counting hours toward their experience.

5.  The Internship Program adheres to the University’s Registration and Records Dates and Deadlines. Students who register for an internship after the Add/Drop Deadline will need to complete the Permit and Appeal process in order to be enrolled in the internship course. Please contact the Internship Program for details on this process.

Login to CAREERLINK to check out current internship opportunities.

Contact the Career and Advising Center’s Internship Program with questions: or 701-231-7111.

MIS Internship Report Requirements

The internship paper should be 5 to 10 pages in length, double spaced. It is a summary of your experience. Generally the paper should include the following:

  • A description of the company or department that you worked for
  • If a department, a description of how the department fits into the larger company
  • A narrative description of the tasks and activities that you performed
  • A summary of what you learned
  • A statement of what you applied from the coursework to the internship and how well prepared you were for this experience (i.e. does the accounting program provide you with what you need to know)
  • Your assessment of the quality of the intern experience (i.e. would you recommend this experience for another accounting student)
  • Contact information (address and phone number) of your supervisor
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