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NDSU's Center for Professional Selling and Sales Technology is the only academic center within the 11-campus North Dakota University System that is dedicated to developing students' sales skills. The center's Certificate in Professional Selling, available to NDSU undergraduate students in any major, develops students' understanding of critical sales processes and opens doors to positions in a variety of industries.


What Makes the Sales Center Unique?

Unique to Our RegionConnected
It is the only academic center dedicated to the development of sales skills in students within the North Dakota University System. The Center offers a Certificate in Professional Selling, which is available to any NDSU undergraduate student.                                           The Center is an active member of the University Sales Center Alliance, a national consortium to advance the sales profession through teaching, research, and outreach. the Center is the only member in our region—North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and New New Mexico.


Advancing Educational OpportunitiesDeveloping Lifelong Skills
The Center has initiated a range of collaborative activities and seminars with students and industry practitioners. Our advisory committee of passionate, experienced sales executives provides input and guidance, ensuring the Center's curriculum and initiatives are relevant and applicable.                Through an innovative curriculum, leading-edge technology, and industry collaborations, the Center is helping NDSU students graduate with a skill set that can be used throughout their lifetime. These skills are applicable across a broad array of career fields—business, engineering, communication, project management, consulting, and many more.


National Recognized for Sales EducationA Winning Combination
The Sales Education Foundation recognized NDSU's Center for Professional Selling and Sales Technology as one of the "Top Universities for Professional Sales Education" for seven consecutive years.

We have the curriculum, research, student capabilities, and industry partnerships to enable student success.


Certificate in Professional Selling

Honing your sales skills with a certificate in professional selling will open doors for greater opportunities and achievements in your career. But course work alone does not ensure success. The Center for Professional Selling and Sales Technology therefore encourages its students to be highly engaged in its activities and events, and to seek participation in internships, extra-curriculars, and professional networking.


Why Get a Certificate in Professional Selling?

Everyone Sells
"Approximately 50% of all college graduates, irrespective of major, are hired into first jobs that a primarily sales positions." (HR Chally)
Sales Skills Make a Difference
"Sales program graduates remped up, on average, 50% faster than their non-sales educations peers. (Sales Education Foundation 2011)
Firms Hire for Sales
The need for great sales skills is consistently echoed by employers. For at least five consecutive years, Manpower, the recruiting and workforce development firm, has ranked sales positions as one of the hardest positions to fill." (Harvard Business Review)



Certificate Eligibility

  • Junior status (60 credits) or higher
  • 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA
  • Completion of all course prerequisites
  • Center approval at least three weeks prior to beginning an internship

Please note that certificate students will be allowed to register during the "priority" period (typically the first 14 days of registration). Enrollment in the certificate, however, does not guarantee registration for a specific course.


Course Requirements

CORE COURSES (all 5 required)
MRKT 320Foundations of Marketing (3 credits)
MRKT 430Sales and Personal Selling (3 credits)
MRKT 434Sales Management (3 credits)
BUSN 413Business Internship–in sales (3 credits)**
MRKT 436     Advanced Professional Selling (1 credit)    
ELECTIVE COURSES (Choose only 1 of the following)
AGEC 350Agrisales (3 credits)
MRKT 438CRM and Sales Technology (3 credits)
MRKT 470Services Marketing (3 credits)
MGMT 451Negotiations and Alternative Dispute Resolution (3 credits)
MGMT 461Modeling the Supply Chain (3 credits)

**Click here for Sales Internship Requirements





Apply for the Certificate in Professional Selling

Companies Step Up to Impact Student Success

Contribute as a Corporate Sponsor

The goal of NDSU's Center for Professional Selling and Sales Technology is to deliver to our students a sales curriculum that

  1. provides a skill set for career success,
  2. creates more opportunities for students to network with sales professionals, and
  3. enables greater participation in national sales competitions.

We cannot accomplish these goals alone.

With your help, current and future students can continue working toward a certificate in professional selling within NDSU's nationally recognized sales program.

Please consider help us to develop tomorrow's sales leaders.


Two Ways to Make a Lasting Impact

Center for Professional Selling and Sales Technology Endowment
(Specify Fund #40147) 

Your financial contribution will ensure opportunities for student learning, professional development, academic initiatives and cutting-edge technology. You'll make an impact by helping: 

  • Students participate in national sales competitions
  • Bring opportunities for students to interact with sales professionals and top industry leaders
  • Provide top of the line technology to be used in the curriculum
  • Create a nationally recognized sales program that will shape and form tomorrow’s sales leaders
Women Interested in Sales Education (WISE) Scholarships
(Specify Fund #20544) 

The program is devoted to providing academic opportunities in sales for women by awarding scholarships to striving female undergraduates who are pursuing a Certificate in Professional Selling.




Executive — $20,000

Currently Open!


Platinum — $10,000


Gold — $5,000







Please join your colleagues, alumni, and champions of sales education. Invest in the Center for Professional Selling and Sales Technology and help the next generation of sales leaders today.


Send your contribution to:
NDSU Alumni Foundation
C/O Center for Professional Selling and Sales Technology Fund #___________
1241 N. University Drive
Fargo, ND 58102-2524

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