Student Service Center Mission Statement

To provide an instructional and supportive environment that enables students to develop and execute an educational plan leading to professional and personal success.


Students should meet with an advisor each semester to plan their courses for the following semester and to ensure they are meeting program requirements. Students are fully responsible for their academic decisions including: selecting courses, meeting prerequisites, and adhering to policies, procedures, and deadlines.

All College of Business students are assigned a professional advisor, who will serve as the primary contact for academics. This advisor is decided by the student’s last name.

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Students should contact their professional advisor as follows:

A – D: Kate Tulibaski, Ph.D.
Office: Barry Hall 100B - Phone: 701-231-8480
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H – N: Susan CouncilOffice: Barry Hall 100A - Phone: 701-231-8807 
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***out of office between May 16 - Aug 15 - please contact other advisors for assistance***

 G & O – Z: Tayt Rinehardt

Office: Barry Hall 100D - Phone: 701-231-8358
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Juniors and seniors in the majors are also assigned to a faculty advisor, who may serve primarily in a career mentorship role.

**The name of your assigned advisor can be found in the Student Self-Service section of Campus Connection.