Accounting is the analysis, interpretation and communication of financial information about the resources of an organization and the use of those resources. The accounting major prepares students for entry-level positions in managerial, corporate, government and forensic accounting.

Business Administration

The business administration program has evolved to meet the needs of business firms and students by providing our students with a broad knowledge base in economics, accounting, management, marketing, management information system and finance – with a blend of theory and practice.


The role of finance professionals, particularly in business, is changing in response to technological advances that have significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to produce financial reports. They monitor companies’ finances, conduct data analysis and advise managers on ideas to maximize profits. Their tasks are often specific to their organization or industry.


The management curriculum has been designed carefully to ensure students will be well equipped for the demand of today’s business and organizational landscapes.  Management is an exciting and ever-developing field, and our students are supported by curriculum that fosters critical thinking, interpersonal and communication skills, leadership, analytic skills and global awareness. 

Management Information Systems

The management information systems major emphasizes the collection, organization, analysis and dissemination of information for planning and control of business or organizational operations. Students learn how to handle the complex problems of building a bridge between the computer science professional, who has a technical orientation, and the managerial individual, who has a functional perspective.


Marketing is a primary function of organizations to ensure the needs of customers and external constituents are met. The curriculum is carefully designed to ensure students have understanding of how to successfully manage products, price, place and promotion, and have analytical and interpersonal skills.

Global Business

This major combines global business courses with language training and an in-depth study abroad experience to qualify students for management positions in the diverse, multicultural, and global environment they will encounter in the future.