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Archive: November 2010

  • Preparing for a Reference Check
    30 November 2010

    You have the resume, you nailed the interview, but now it’s time to check references. Often, references can greatly impact a job search, so it's important to be prepared.

  • University report: Class of '11 will see slightly better jobs outlook
    29 November 2010

    Read the article written by CNN reporter, Andrew Katz. Story HighlightsOverall hiring of new college graduates is expected to rise 3...

  • Etiquette Tip of the Week: The Gate Wait
    17 November 2010

    In the crowded gate area in the airline terminal there are few empty seats.  A tiny woman with dark hair places her laptop on one seat with her bag in front of it and leaves an empty seat next to it...

  • 10 LinkedIn Mistakes You Shouldn't Make
    17 November 2010

    LinkedIn is the place to not only find others but also to be found as a job seeker. And that is why you need a LinkedIn Profile that not only helps you get found but also will entice people to contact...

  • Hot Jobs and Cool Internships with the Federal Government
    17 November 2010

    Hot Jobs and Cool Internships There are thousands of federal jobs out there right now - it is simply a matter of looking in the right place. There is a federal opportunity to match every interest,...

  • 4 Steps to Landing a Job this Holiday Season
    17 November 2010

    Midterms are over and before you know it you'll be headed home for Thanksgiving Break. It's just starting to get cold, summer is a long way off right? Wrong. While getting a job or internship for next...

  • 9 Interview Questions You Should Be Asking
    08 November 2010

    When interviewing, many candidates don't realize that the questions they ask are just as important as how they present themselves and the answers they give. Failing to ask questions shows a lack of...

  • Etiquette Tip of the Week: Banquet Speakers and Diners
    08 November 2010

    When the master of ceremonies introduces the after dinner speaker, all else ceases.  There is no tittering, twittering, dithering or jittering.  Finish eating and sipping coffee before the speaker...

  • Hot Jobs and Cool Internships
    08 November 2010

    There are thousands of federal jobs out there right now - it is simply a matter of looking in the right place. There is a federal opportunity to match every interest, and this eNewsletter will leave...

  • 5 Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Job Search
    08 November 2010

    Sit in front of laptop. Lie on couch. Eat pickles for lunch. Back to laptop. Feel sorry for self. Feel sick of self. Tear hair out in frustration. And … back to couch. If this is your 9-to-5 routine,...


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