Tuition Waiver Request Form

This form is intended to be used by NDSU departments when submitting a request to apply a tuition waiver to a student account.  The form may only be completed by NDSU staff members; students cannot complete this form.  Within the submission, please be prepared to provide an explanation of eligibility and to attach the appropriate supporting documentation (e.g. memos of approval).  Ideally, tuition waiver requests are submitted well in advance of the start of the semester.  When early submission isn’t feasible, please submit no later than NDSU’s published payment due date to ensure that the student does not experience any negative account holds and/or late payment fees.  Further details regarding the requirements of this submission (e.g. semesters awarded) may be found within the form.  Please be aware that this form is not intended to be used for creating new types of tuition waivers.

Request to Apply Tuition Waiver to Student Account

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