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The following search engines are posted for your reference only. It should be noted that NDSU and the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at NDSU do not have any affiliation with these sites nor do we promote one over another. We have compiled this list of sites from students who have previously found them to work in their searches for employment. Some of the search engines provide more opportunities for employment during college and and others for post graduation. You may also try searching the web for "Job Search Engines" or other keywords to provide additional means of locating possible career opportunities. If you have any input about these or other sites, please let us know.

Careerjet is a job search engine for the United States. In one simple search, Careerjet gives job seekers access to a huge selection of jobs that are sourced from various internet sites, saving the trouble of having to visit each site individually.

Some of the embeddable tools might be of interest to you:

NACE Link Network is one of the largest career networks of career services and recruiting professionals in the world. The NDSU career center uses it to post job opportunities. Visit the NACE Link for a more extensive listing of included schools and their resources or visit the NDSU Career Center Link.

College Recruiter offers job search's for current students looking for internships as well as recent college graduates looking for full time employment.

Indeed is a search engine that searches other sites databases and pool job listings from them. It allows you to search for keywords in a job description and locate the jobs within a specific geographic region.

USA Jobs gives you access to a majority of US governmental jobs. Go to the main site, click on Jobs and Education and then Government Jobs.

College Grad in addition to searches for degree related job opportunities, college grad, has a variety of resources for recent college graduates.

Career Builder allows you to search for open positions, post your resume and receive tips on resume writing, and has additional advice/resources.

Monster, in addition to searching for jobs, gives you access to additional resources such as resume help, career tools, and advice on job searching.

Job is a site that requires you to create an account in order to see available jobs. Performing basic search's is free and there is some viable information available through the site.

Just Jobs offers quick and easy searches based on locations and word searches. They generally list offerings under larger cities, and they have a good variety of listings for Civil and Environmental Engineers.