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  1. Four NSF CAREER awardees in our department.
  2. Research expenditure and active grant were $1 million and $6 million in 2009.
  3. Sixty five peer reviewed journal articles were published/accepted in 2009 (average 5 journal articles per faculty).
  4. University Faculty Lectureship (2010-2011) and Distinguished Professorship awarded to our faculty.
  5. Six National Steel Bridge Championships by our ASCE Student Chapter.
  6. The National Chapter Challenge Championship in 2007 by our MRS Student Chapter.
  7. The National Wastewater Design Competition Championship in 2007 by our AWWA/WEF Student Chapter.
  8. Several college and university teaching awards including the Peltier and Odney Awards by our faculty.
  9. FE Exam passing percentage consistently higher than the national average in the past ten years.