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Computer Cluster, CIE 106

Faculty Contact: Jan Lofberg

Overview of the Lab

Civil and Environmental engineering students use a variety of software in their design courses. Graduate students need special software for their research. Dedicated computer clusters are essential for instruction in these courses. A dedicated CE computer cluster is available for civil and environmental engineering undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, the university-supported computer clusters are also available for them.

Software on the machines in the dedicated cluster reflects state-of-the-art-computing capability in the areas of civil and environmental engineering design, surveying, construction estimating and project scheduling. In addition, the Microsoft suite of programs is available including Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Currently the cluster has 14 computers that are connected to the NDSU backbone. Students are able to prepare reports for class projects in the cluster and access this information over the network for presentation throughout campus. Portable computers and projectors are available for check out for these presentations. A HP LaserJet 4000 printer is hooked up to these computers for student printing.

Laboratory Equipment and Instruments

Examples of software include: