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Environmental Laboratory, CIE 214

Faculty Contact: Dr. Eakalak Khan, Dr. Wei Lin & Dr. Achintya Bezbaruah

Overview of the Lab

The Environmental Engineering laboratory facilities occupy about 2,650 square feet of the second floor of the Civil and Industrial Engineering (CIE) Building and 240 square feet of the first floor of the Engineering Technology (ET) Building. These two facilities have general apparatus (glassware) and basic support services (gas, water, air, fume hoods, distilled and deionized water). The main facility in the CIE Building is used for wet chemistry analyses and to house analytical instruments while the facility in the ET Building is dedicated as a process laboratory for experimental set-ups. Included in the main facility are offices for research assistants and storage spaces.

Laboratory Equipment and Instruments

The facilities contain most basic instruments and are well-equipped for teaching and research related to water quality and treatment. Examples of the basic instruments available are turbidimeters, pH meters, dissolved oxygen (DO) meters, ozone generators, a respirometer, phase contrast microscopes, conductivity meters, ion selective probes, vacuum pumps, ovens, furnaces, incubators, an autoclave, centrifuges, balances, refrigerators, water baths, cooling units, distillation and digestion systems for chemical oxygen demand (COD), nitrogen, and phosphorus analyses. Available major instruments in the main facility include a purge and trap gas chromatograph with a mass selective detector (GC/MSD), two scanning ultraviolet-visible (UV-VIS) spectrophotometers, and a total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer.

purge & trapTOC analyzer

1)Purge and trap gas chromatograph with a mass selective detector, 2)Total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer.

Laboratory Courses


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