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Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, CIE 104

Faculty Contact: Dr. Xufeng (Michael) Chu

Overview of the Lab

The Fluids laboratory in Civil and Environmental Engineering at NDSU is well equipped for serving the undergraduate curriculum. The laboratory has equipment for demonstrating and verifying fundamental principles of fluid flow. It also has several flow-measuring devices both for measuring pipe-flow and channel-flow. The laboratory can accommodate 12 students in one session. The students get a good hands-on experience in this laboratory.

Laboratory Equipment and Instruments

The major equipment in this laboratory consists of:

Of these, the long and short flumes can be used for carrying out several experiments in open channel flow. The long flume is essentially used for graduate research as and when needed. Graduate students basically fabricate their own experimental set-up for hydraulic modeling and other studies. The help of the University Machine Tool facility is often used for fabricating models for research. Many hydraulic modeling studies for the ND State Water Commission have been conducted in this laboratory.

A NSF equipment grant in1989-91 made it possible for us to procure some pieces of equipment listed above. Some of those were new additions while some others were replacements for the older equipment. The latest equipment to be added was an ultrasonic flow meter for measuring flow-rate through pipes of different material without interfering with the flow.

The space available now is completely filled up and additional space will only become available by expanding the building.

Laboratory Courses

The major use of the laboratory is for a

Other elective courses in the Civil and Environmental Engineering program also use this laboratory for demonstrating some principles of fluid flow. They are..


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