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Geotechnical Laboratory, CIE 113

Faculty Contact: Dr. Dinesh Katti

Overview of the Lab

The geotechnical laboratory facilities are used for both classroom and research experimentation. It is equipped with testing equipment which is used frequently in geotechnical engineering and equipment that is very specialized in it's uses. Students and researchers alike have access to all of the needed equipment to perform geotechnical test.

Triaxial Test System

Triaxial Test System

The triaxial test system consists of a 22,000-lb capacity computer controlled load frame. The frame has a wide range of speeds. The data acquisition and control system allows us to program a large variety of loading conditions. The triaxial cell can accommodate samples up to a diameter of 4 inches. The cell has digital transducers for measuring cell pressure, back pressure, pore water pressure, submersible load cell and volume change. The transducers are connected to a high-speed data acquisition system. The master control panel used for applying cell pressure and back pressure can also be used for conducting permeability tests. A deaired water system is attached to the master control panel. The load frame can also be used for conducting tests on geosynthetic samples and other materials.

Triaxial Test System

Automated Direct/Residual Shear Device

The system comprises of a square shear box with digital transducers for electronic data acquisition of shear displacement, vertical displacement and shear force. 

We also have a conventional direct shear device with dial gages and proving ring.

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