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Materials Laboratory, CIE 109

Faculty Contact: Dr. Magdy Abdelrahman

Overview of the Lab

The materials laboratory in Civil and Environmental Engineering at NDSU is used for teaching the basics of hot mix asphalt and Portland cement concrete, two major construction materials used in the civil engineering and construction industries. Recently, the lab was upgraded with advanced equipment for bituminous materials and mixture testing. Some of the laboratory equipment is also used for the soil mechanics (geotechnical) laboratory.

Laboratory Equipment and Instruments

The newest addition to the materials lab is the new developed Superpave equipment for testing asphalt binders and for the design of hot mix asphalt. The Superpave equipment represents state-of-the-art equipment used in the asphalt industry. This equipment also has potential for graduate and undergraduate research at NDSU. New equipment was purchased with funds from the NDSU $20,000,000 Campaign, Department’s educational funds and research grants. Both the Portland cement concrete and asphalt industries are interested in improving our laboratory equipment and our library holdings in these areas. Industry representatives have visited our labs and are aware of our current needs. The list of the new equipment includes:

The traditional equipment in the laboratory consists of:

Laboratory Courses


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