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Survey and Transportation Laboratory, CIE 107

Faculty Contact: Dr. Donald Andersen

Overview of the Lab

The Surveying and Transportation laboratory equipment includes various surveying instruments and transportation software, which are installed in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Computer Cluster.

Laboratory Equipment and Instruments

Among software in the cluster used by transportation students and for transportation instruction and research are AutoCAD2011, AutoCAD Land Development, AutoCAD Map, AutoCAD CAD Overlay, Microstation, Eagle Point, Synchro and Sim Traffic from Trafficware, WinPAS (Pavement Analysis for Windows), PCAPAV and Highway Capacity Software (HCS2002). Transportation graduate students and faculty also have access to GIS software such as IDRISI and ESRI's Arcview and Arcinfo. Much of transportation laboratory work is done using software and involves data collection and use of simulation, CAD and GIS.

Surveying instruments include;

  • Leveling equipment
  • Theodolites
  • Total stations

Laboratory Courses

The surveying instruments are used in the surveying course, which is typically taken by undergraduates at their sophomore level.


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