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Dr. Bezbaruah

Dr. Kelly Rusch, PE
Vice President for Research and Creative Activity (RCA), NDSU

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Office: 1735 NDSU Research Park Drive
Telephone: (701) 231-6542
Fax: (701) 231-6185

Research Interests

  • Microbial System Design and Modeling
  • Biofuels and Bioproducts
  • Engineering Education Research
  • Aquaculture Engineering
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
Rusch’s research focuses on microorganism system design, development and modeling, and engineering education. She works on microalgae-cyanobacteria for biofuels and bioproducts production. She has secured more than $15 million in research grant funding as a principal or co-principal investigator. Rusch has more than 120 refereed articles and technical papers and reports. She has presented more than 165 conference and invited talks and lectures on scientific and educational topics.

Awards and Grants (recent)

  1. USDA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative: A Regional Program for Production of Multiple Agricultural Feedstocks and Processing to Biofuels and Biobased Chemicals, $120K (2011-2016), PI.
  2. National Science Foundation: Microalgal-based Production of Biofuels and High Energy Combustion Materials, $300K (2009-2013), PI.
  3. Sun Grant Seed Project (DOT): Production of Lipids for Biofuels through Mixotrophic Growth of a Mixed Microalgae-cyanobacteria Culture. $75K, 2011-2013, Co-PI.
  4. NASA: Development of Sensor Assisted Water Quality Nowcasting and Forecasting Environment for Coastal Beaches, $400K (2009-2012)., Co-PI.
  5. Louisiana Sea Grant College Program: Aquaculture feed cost reduction by coproduction of microalgal meal and energy, $168K (2010-2011), PI.
  6. Florida Institute of Phosphate Research: Risk Assessment and Permit Application to the USEPA for the Outdoor Research of Phosphogypsum Briquettes used as Mechanically Stabilized Fill Material, $89K (2007-2009), PI.
  7. Louisiana Sea Gant College Program Development of a Fate and Transport Model for Pathogen Tracking in Coastal Subsurfaces Impacted by Anthropogenic Pollutant Sources”, $220K (2006-2009), Co-PI.
  8. Louisiana Sea Gant College Program: Evaluation of the Impact of Domestic Wastewater on the Surface and Subsurface Environments of Coastal Marshes: Refining the Marshland Upwelling System to Achieve Net Nitrogen System Reductions, $242K (2006-2009), Co-PI.
  9. NOAA Ballast Water Technology Demonstration Program:  Continuous Microwave Technology as a Treatment to Eliminate Invasive Species in Ballast Water: Basic Research and Laboratory Study, $200K (2005-2007), Co-PI.
  10. The Consortium for Plant Biotechnology Research, Inc.: Degradation Behavior Characteristics of Bioplastics, $372 (2005-2008), PI.

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. 1992, Civil Engineering, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA.
  • M.S. 1989, Civil Engineering, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA.
  • B.S. 1986, Biology and Chemistry (Statistics Minor), University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse, WI.

Recent Publications

  1. Bai, R., Silaban, A.G., Gutierrez-Wing, M.T. Benton, M.G. Negulescu, I.I. Rusch, K.A. Silver nanofiber assisted lipid extraction from biomass of a Louisiana Chlorella vulgaris/Leptolyngbya sp co-culture, Chemical Engineering Journal, 225:100-108, 2013.
  2. Tate, J.J., Gutierrez-Wing, M.T., Rusch, K.A. Benton, M.G. Gene expression analysis of a Louisiana native Chlorella vulgaris (Chlorophyta)/Leptolyngbya sp (Cyanobacteria) co-culture using suppression subtractive hybridization, Engineering in Life Sciences, 13:185-193, 2013.
  3. Chenier, K.M., Gutierrez-Wing, M.T., Deng, Z.Q., Rusch, K.A. Environmental Factors Influencing the Abundance of Enterococci in Gulf Coast Beach Waters, Journal of Environmental Engineering-ASCE, 138:1130-1137, 2012.
  4. Lane, C.E., Gutierrez-Wing, M.T., Rusch, K.A., Benton, M.G. Homogeneous detection of cyanobacterial DNA via polymerase chain reaction, Letters in Applied Microbiology, 55:376-383, 2012.
  5. Gutierrez-Wing, M.T., Malone, R.F., Rusch, K.A. Evaluation of polyhydroxybutyrate as a carbon source for recirculating aquaculture water denitrification, Aquaculture Engineering, 51:36-43, 2012.

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