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Dr. Huang

Dr. Ying Huang
Assistant Professor

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Office: CIE 201Q
Telephone: (701) 231-7651
Fax: (701) 231-6185

Research Interests

  • Structural Health Monitoring/Smart Structures for Transportation
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Applications of Adaptive and Smart Materials
  • Finite Element Modeling
  • Multi-Hazard Assessment and Mitigation

Awards and Grants (recent)

  1. “Composite Self-Sensing Thermal Sprayed Coatings for Pipeline Corrosion Prevention and Mitigation”, USDOT/PHMSA, 10/01/2013-12/15/2015
  2. “Unbonded Portland Cement Concrete Overlay/Pavement Monitoring with Integrated Grating (Local) and Scattering (Global) Optical Fiber Sensors”, USDOT/UTC, 03/15-12/31/2013
  3. NDSU Provost Provost's Research and Scholarship Travel Fund, 2013

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. Civil Engineering, Missouri University of Science & Technology, 2012
  • M.Sc. Civil Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, China, 2008
  • B.Sc. Civil Engineering, Guangzhou University, China, 2006

Recent Publications

  1. Y. Huang, X. Fang, W. J. Bevans, Z. Zhou, H. Xiao, and G. Chen, “Large-strain optical fiber sensing and real-time FEM updating of steel structures under high temperature effect”,  Smart Materials and Structure, Smart Mater. Struct. 22 015016, (2013).
  2. Y. Huang, Z. Gao, Z. Zhou, G. Chen, and H. Xiao, “Long period fiber grating sensors coated with nano iron/silica particles for corrosion monitoring”, Smart Materials and Structure, 22(7) 075018, (2013).
  3. Y.Huang, “Hybrid Fibre Optic Sensor Network for Real-time High Temperature Performance Monitoring of Steel Structures”, American Journal of Civil Engineering, 1(1), pp.16-23, (2013).
  4. Huang, MH; Zhou, Z; Huang, Y; Ou, JP, “A distributed self-sensing FRP anchor rod with built-in optical fiber sensor”, Measurement, 46 (4), pp. 1363-1370, (2013).
  5. Y. Huang, B. K. Chen, G. Chen, H. Xiao, and Z. Zhou, “Simultaneous detection of liquid level and refractive index change using long period fiber grating sensor”, Measurement Science and technology, 24, pp.095303, (2013).
  6. Z. Zhou, W. Q. Liu, Y. Huang, H. P. Wang, M. H. Huang, and J. P. Ou, “Optical fiber Bragg grating sensor assembly for 3D strain monitoring and its case study in highway pavement”, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 38, pp.36-49, (2012).