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Civil and Environmental Engineering Advisory Committee

October 9, 2015: Homecoming week 2015 was full of activities where students, alumni, family, and staff celebrated their Bison pride. While these activities were happening, the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department held its Fall Advisory Committee (AC) meeting to show their Bison pride and its commitment to education. The AC meeting takes place every semester to get external inputs relevant to education, research, and services in Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. This semester’s session was held on Friday, October 9, 2015 at Hidatsa Room in NDSU Memorial Union. The AC, Student Advisory Committee (SAC), faculty, and staff from the CEE Department interacted with each other in two different sessions. During the morning session, the AC members met with SAC members to discuss the different activities undertaken by the SAC. In addition, members from both committees went through different action plans to improve teaching, advising, and education objectives in order to ensure the competitiveness of NDSU in the market. Some of the subjects covered were improvement of computational skills, soft skill development, and Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) examination performance scores. They also reviewed a few course curricula and suggested appropriate modification.

During the afternoon session, graduate student Luisa Torres presented the Water Environment Federation national award winning student environmental design project on water reclamation for irrigation of a softball complex (CEE students won first place in the national Student Design Competition (environmental category) at the 88th Annual Water Environment Federation Technical Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC). Also, the AC presented the recommendations of the AC and SAC from the morning session to the faculty and staff. The advisory committee also announced that it is currently looking for additional new members to serve in the committee.

The members from the AC that attended the session included Eric Dodds (AE2S), Nick Gludt (Moore Engineering), Brian King (Ulteig), Jeremy McLaughlin (Houston Engineering), Lance Meyer (City of Minot), and Travis Wieber (KLJ). Representatives from the SAC included Dylan Dunn, Cody Ritt, Keshab Thapa, and Gabriel Brien. The faculty from the CEE department that attended the meeting included Department Chair Dinesh Katti, G. Padmanabhan, Kalpana Katti, Xuefeng Chu, Wei Lin, Achintya Bezbaruah, Ying Huang, Mijia Yang, Magdy Abdulrahman, and Eakalak Khan. In addition, CEE department staff members Jan Lofberg and Milka Singha attended the session.