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Civil and Environmental Engineering Advisory Committee

Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) Advisory meeting was held on Friday, May 8, 2015 at the Research 1 Building in NDSU campus. The department faculty and staff presented the state of the department to the committee in the morning session. Representatives from CEE student organizations made oral presentations to update the committee on various activities undertaken by them. The members of the committee then met with student advisory committee in different independent sessions and come up with action plans to improve teaching, advising, and facilities in the department. They also suggested the department on curriculum change and development to meet the market demands.

Advisory Board Members who attended the meeting on May 8 included Kris Bakkegard, Eric Dodds, Nicholas Gludt, Roger Hagen, Marcus Hall, Brian King, Lance Meyer, and Sean Swartz. CEE faculty members were represented by Chair Dinesh Katti, Magdy Abdelrahman, Achintya Bezbaruah, Xuefeng Chu, S. Gajan, Ying Huang, Kalpana Katti, Eakalak Khan, George LaPalm, Zhibin Lin, G. Padmanabhan, Mijia Yang, and Frank Yazdani. CEE staff Jan Lofberg and Milka Singha also attended the meeting and helped in overall coordination. CEE student representatives Gabriel Brien, Dylan Dunn, Brannon Peterson, Cody Ritt, and Anurag Shamra were present in the meeting.