Fall 2012 Newsletter


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Integrated Climatic, Hydrologic, and Agricultural Studies

Funded by the NSF EPSCoR program, the Center for Regional Climate Studies (CRCS) will study linkages between regional climate, hydrologic processes, crop production, and autonomous farmer adaptions (see ND EPSCoR Climate Study Grant). The primary goal of the CRCS is to develop and apply integrated methods to assess and predict climate change impacts on regional hydrology and agricultural production. Dr. Xuefeng (Michael) Chu and his group will be involved in a series of CRCS research activities, including hydrologic monitoring and modeling. Several field sites will be selected in North Dakota for collecting rainfall, snow, streamflow, and other meteorological and hydrologic data. New algorithms will be developed for automated topographic delineation and dynamic hydrologic connectivity analysis. Particularly, an integrated hydrologic modeling (IHM) system will be developed and applied, at both local and regional scales, to examine the hydrologic response to climate variations and climate-driven agricultural land use changes. For more on Dr. Chu’s research, please visit his (website).