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Engineering Mechanics Institute Fellow Award for Dr. Katti

Dr. Dinesh Katti was presented the Engineering Mechanics Institute (EMI) Fellow award by the EMI board of governors. The recognition was conferred upon him at the EMI annual meeting awards banquet held in June at the Stanford University. The award recognizes outstanding technical contribution as well contributions to the EMI. EMI is recognized globally as a premier institute in the field of engineering mechanics.

Dr. Dinesh Katti has made groundbreaking technical contributions to the field in the areas of mechanics of biomaterials, nanomaterials, and geomaterials. He has been a persistent proponent of introducing molecular scale modeling and interactions and multiscale modeling for accurate modeling of nanoscale materials. His research group has made important discoveries and contributions that have enriched the field. The title of his plenary keynote lecture at the 2010 EMI conference “Molecular Interactions Impact the Mechanics of Nanomaterials: A Paradigm Shift in Mechanics” summarize some of his important contributions. So passionate he is about introducing molecular scale interactions into mechanics that he became the founding chair of the new EMI committee, “Molecular Scale Modeling and Experimentation Committee." Dr. Katti has received several awards and recognitions for his research contributions including the John Booker medal for his contributions in geomechanics.

Dr. Katti has served the Engineering Mechanics Institute for over 15 years and has contributed both in various aspects of the organization as well as making important technical contributions to the field. He has served as chair of three EMI technical committees; 1) properties of materials committee, 2) poromechanics committee and 3) molecular scale modeling and experimentation committee. He also serves or has served as a member of additional technical committees; 1) granular materials, 2) modeling inelasticity & multiscale behavior committee, 3) biomechanics, 4) nanomechanics and micromechanics and 5) EMI education committee. He also serves as an associate editor of two EMI journals, 1) Journal of Engineering Mechanics and 2) Journal of Nanomechanics and Micromechanics. He also served as part of a three-member committee that helped prepare the draft bylaws for the new EMI institute. He is instrumental in co-organizing the immensely successful symposium series on biological and biologically inspired materials since its inception in 2002 and has become a permanent feature at the EMI conferences. These symposia have attracted researchers from a variety of fields to EMI. The enthusiasm to this topical area has led to the formation of the biomechanics committee in the EMI. Dr. Katti has initiated a new symposium series on “Molecular Scale Modeling and Experimentation” at the EMI conference 2015.

Dr. Katti is currently a Professor and Interim Chair of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at North Dakota State University (NDSU). He has also previously served as the department chair and associate dean of research at NDSU. He is a licensed professional engineer. Prior to joining NDSU, he worked as a geotechnical engineer and project engineer in Washington State where he worked on over 125 projects.