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Dr Ravi Brings in Damage Mechanics Expertise

Dr. Ravi Kiran Yellavajjala is the newest addition to the existing faculty in the department of Civil and Environmental engineering (CEE). Dr. Ravi will join the department as an Assistant Professor (Structures) this fall. He received his Ph.D. in structural engineering from University of Notre Dame in fall 2014 and subsequently joined Brown University as a postdoctoral researcher. His research interests lie in the broad areas of computational and experimental solid mechanics. In the past, he was involved in developing multiscale models for predicting damage in high performance materials that are widely used in construction and automobile industries. Such damage models play a key role in predicting the resilience of existing infrastructure and crashworthiness of automobiles which are important indicators of safety in respective industries.    Dr. Ravi is very passionate about research and teaching which according to him is the prime reason for joining NDSU faculty.  At NDSU, Dr. Ravi will lead “Damage in Materials and Structures” (DaMS) group that specializes in using principles of theoretical and experimental solid mechanics to solve the 21st century infrastructure challenges. The ultimate aim of his group is to create tools and technologies to enable engineers design, construct and maintain robust and resilient infrastructure. On the teaching front, Dr. Ravi is a strong proponent of reflective teaching and hopes to implement this teaching style in graduate level Continuum Mechanics course (CE720) which he is offering this fall. Besides spending time with family and friends, Dr. Ravi enjoys travelling, reading books and watching movies.
Dr Dr Ravi in his Geostructural lab at Ehly Hall, NDSU