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Ying Huang Awarded USDOT’s Pipeline Safety Research Grant

Dr. Ying Huang, from Civil and Environmental Engineering will partner with Fardad Azarmi from NDSU’s Mechanical Engineering Department on a USDOT sponsored project on pipeline safety. The grant is administered by Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) of the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT). Dr. Huang will serve as the CO-PI on this 2-year $141K research grant entitled “Composite Self-Sensing Thermal Sprayed Coatings for Pipeline Corrosion Prevention and Mitigation”.

Corrosion has been long recognized as a leading cause of failure in metallic transmission pipelines, which significantly impacts the reliability and safety of metallic pipelines. To prevent and mitigate pipeline corrosion, reliable, cost-effective, environmental friendly, and ultimately self-assessable corrosion mitigation approaches are needed but yet to be achieved. In this project, the team will conduct collaborative research to develop and validate innovative composite self-sensing thermal sprayed coatings to prevent, inhibit, or mitigate and manage pipeline corrosion for on-shore buried metallic transmission pipelines. The compositions, effectiveness, and self-sensing capability of the composite thermal sprayed coatings will be investigated and studied theoretically, numerically, and experimentally. This project will greatly improve the understanding of the effectiveness of the thermal spray coatings and the integrated sensing technologies for on-shore pipeline corrosion mitigation. The most efficient and effective composite self-sensing thermal sprayed coating practices will be recommended for future use to USDOT PHMSA agencies across the nation.