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CEE Partners with Hysitron to Host
NanoDakota (Nanomechanical Testing) Workshop

North Dakota had its first ever workshop on Nanomechanical Testing on November 30 and 31, 2016 at NDSU campus. NDSU’s Civil and Environment Engineering Department and Minneapolis-based Hysitron jointly hosted the workshop which was open to researchers, educators, students, and businesses in area. NDSU Distinguished Professor Dr. Kalpana Katti and Hysitron’s Thomas Wyrobek welcomed the participants. Hysitron displayed their next generation instruments and gave demonstrations. Dr. Syed Asif from Hysitron walked the participants through the basics of Nanomechanics and Lance Kuhn demonstrated the ease of mapping surface properties of different materials using TI Premier Platform. Kuhn also gave a brief demonstration of their newly built Bio-indent, and how it can be used in evaluating mechanical properties of biological samples such as cells, and cell-laden hydrogels. The presenters discussed how the principles of nanomechanics can be used to study different diseases in humans and animals. The post-lunch session was very intriguing. Researchers from NDSU and UND talked about their extensive usages of nanomechanical methods in their research and how it has paved the way for several discoveries in the recent past. Mr. Thoreson from Mayo Clinic gave a talk on the importance of multiscale mechanics in orthopedic research on the second day of the workshop. He mainly talked about on how they utilized nanomechanical approaches in solving some complex problems in orthopedics. Later that day the participants joined hands-on tutorial sessions on NanoGuru and Biosoft In-Situ Indenter.