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Mijia Yang and Frank Yazdani secure US DoT Grants

Mijia Yang and Frank Yazdani from Civil and Environmental Engineering have been awarded three 2-year $145K U.S. Department of Transportation research grants led by each individual. The projects entitled ‘A novel methodology for quantifying the performance of constructed bridges in cold regions: development, assessment and repair”, “Damage assessment and retrofit of concrete bridge decks”, and “Integrated real-time heath monitoring, impact/collision detection system for bridges” will research on damage identification, assessment, and repair for infrastructures at mountainous cold regions. The three projects focus on damage assessment and durability enhancement which are aligned with the increasing demand for enhanced structural efficiency in regional and national infrastructure. The team will seamlessly work together and conduct collaborative research to meet the regional and national needs. The research team is expected build of technical capacity by training undergraduate and graduate students. The grants are part of a $3.5 million award to the NDSU-led Mountain-Plains Consortium of eight universities focused on transportation research. The grant comes from the University Transportation Centers Program administered by the U.S. DoT's Research and Innovative Technology Administration