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North Dakota Water and Pollution Control Conference

Graduate students from the Department of Civil Engineering were awarded the top three positions in the YP poster competition "Fresh Ideas" at the North Dakota Water Pollution Control Conference. The awards were as follows: first place to Tanush Wadhawan(second from right), a Doctoral Candidate in Civil Engineering, second place to Qigang Chang(right), who has received his PhD in August, and the third place to Murthy Kasi(left), a Doctoral Candidate in Civil Engineering at NDSU. The awards were presented by Meredith Quinn, Chair of the Education and Research Committee for the North Dakota Section of the AWWA. Additionally, the first place winner, Tanush Wadhawan, will receive $1500 towards the expenses to attend the American Water Works Association's (AWWA) 131st Annual Conference & Exposition (ACE12) and present his poster. The poster competition was started in 2010 and the winner of the competition during that year, Daniel Portlock, a Masters Candidate in Environmental Engineering at NDSU, had the opportunity to attend and present his poster at the 130th Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE11) in Washington D.C. in June, 2011.

ECS Poster Competition

Rabiya Shabnam : Graduate Best Poster Winner

Contaminant diffusion studies with alginate encapsulated iron nanoparticles

In this research calcium alginate capsules were optimized for size, membrane thickness, and bursting force. The capsules were evaluated for their diffusion characteristics for possible use in encapsulating nanoscale zero-valent iron particles for groundwater remediation.
Major Advisor: Achintya Bezbaruah

Ruchi Joshi: Undergraduate Best Poster Winner

An ATP based method to determine bacterial regrowth potential in drinking water

This work analyzed different techniques to measure bacterial regrowth in drinking water. ATP assays gave the best measurement of the regrowth, and performed better than two other techniques/assays (AOC and BDOC). Use of ATP arrays in drinking water analysis is very promising and can be possibly be used globally.
Major Advisor: Eakalak Khan