Greetings From the Chair

Dear CEE Bison community,

As we transition onward from Spring 2020 Semester, I wanted to share a message of thanks with everyone.  To our faculty and staff:

  • Thank you for your strong dedication to our students.
  • Thank you for the great research you and your teams are conducting.
  • Thank you for the impact your work has on the engineering community in the region and beyond.
  • Thank you for making CEE a wonderful place to work.

We’ve received numerous comments from students about your accommodating and embracing distance education.  This has been an easy transition due to all your efforts.  Thank you.

To our students:

  • Thank you for your strength and perseverance.
  • Thank you for preparing yourselves to engage successfully in the practice of engineering.
  • Thank you for your commitment to our profession and to making this world a better place.

This spring has been full of uncertainty and ambiguity.  Thank you for embracing these challenges and for finding your successful pathway forward.

Next fall will bring new and different challenges that we cannot yet foresee.  And, our indomitable Bison spirit will help us to overcome obstacles and flourish.

  • We will grow a new BS Environmental Engineering program.
  • We will prepare the next generation of engineers for the problems they will address and resolve in their careers.
  • We will conduct world-class research, leading to advances in engineering and science.
  • We will serve our Land Grant mission of service to our communities and the world.

Have a wonderful summer.  Thanks all for your continuing support. We cherish the vision of excellence and a bright future for all.


David R. Steward, PhD, PE, PG, F.ASCE
Professor and Chair

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