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Graduate Research Areas

Faculty List
Laura Aldrich-Wolfe
Biological Sciences
Cornell University, 2006
Community ecology, mycorrhizas, plant-fungal interactions                   

Dr. Aldrich-Wolfe Home Page


Teresa Bergholz
Microbiological Sciences
Michigan State University, 2007
Functional genomics of foodborne pathogens

Dr. Bergholz Home Page


Eugene Berry
Microbiological Sciences
Northeastern University, 1983
Animal virology (ss(+) RNA viruses), genetic variation, 
mechanisms of pathogenesis and virulence

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Julia Bowsher
Biological Sciences
Duke University, 2007
Evolutionary development and biology

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Amanda Brooks
Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Wyoming, 2006
Molecular biology, spider silk as a drug delivery system

Dr. Brooks Home Page


Yongki Choi
City University of New York, 2010
Early detection of cancer cells, single molecule enzymology, biotechnology

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Chris Colbert
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Purdue University, 2000
Structure biology with a focus on the biochemistry of proteins involved in iron import and utilization

Dr. Colbert Home Page


Glenn Dorsam
Microbiological Sciences
Virginia Commonwealth University, 1998
Epigenetic regulation

Dr. Dorsam Home Page


Anna Grazul-Bilska
Animal Sciences
University of Agriculture and Technology-Olsztyn, Poland, 1983
Animal embryology and reproductive physiology and endocrinology, assisted reproductive technology

Dr. Grazul-Bilska Home Page
Kendra Greenlee
Biological Sciences
Arizona State University, 2004
Developmental Physiology and Immunology

Dr. Greenlee Home Page

Tim Greives
Biological Sciences
Indiana University, 2009
Endocrine regulation of seasonality, reproductive neuroendocrinology, hormones and behavior

Dr. Greives Home Page
Jill Hamilton
Biological Sciences
University of British Columbia-Vancouver, 
British Columbia, 2012
Plant evolutionary genomics

Dr. Hamilton Home Page
Lauren Hanna
Animal Sciences
Texas A&M University, 2013
Quantitative genetics, animal breeding, 
whole system approaches to genomic 
associations of quantitative traits

Dr. Hanna Home Page
Stuart Haring
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Texas A&M University, 2013
Cellular DNA duplication (replication) 
and mutation prevention (repair)

Dr. Haring Home Page
Britt Heidinger
Biological Sciences
University of Iowa, 2004
Physiological ecology

Dr. Heidinger Home Page

Yagna Jarajapu
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Indiana University, 2007
Bone marrow dysfunction and vascular repair in diabetes,
ACE2-Angiotensin-(1-7)/Mas receptor
pathway in bone marrow cells, regulation
bone marrow mobilization by leptin

Dr. Jarajapu Home Page

Estelle Leclerc
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Glasgow Caledonian University, 2002
Melanoma, pancreatic cancer; monoclonal
antibodies as diagnostic and therapeutic
mechanism of RAGE signaling

Dr. Leclerc Home Page
Guodong Liu
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Hunan University, Hunan, 2001
Development of nano-bioprobes for
biosensors and bioassays for detection
of nucleic acids and proteins

Dr. Liu Home Page
Phil McClean
Plant Sciences
University of Paris XI, France, 1994
Dry bean genetics an biotechnology

Dr. McClean Home Page
Dharmakeerthi "Keerthi" Nawarathana
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Colorado State University, 2982
Biomedical engineering

Dr. Nawarathana Home Page
Stephen O'Rourke
Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1995
Cerebral vascular function in health and disease

Dr. O'Rourke Home Page
Birgit Pruess
Microbiological Sciences
Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, 1991
Bacterial physiology, biofilm biology, and food safety

Dr. Pruess Home Page
Steven Qian
Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Iowa, 1999
Chemistry and biology of free radical
and COX-catalyzed fatty acid
peroxidation as related to
human health and disease

Dr. Qian Home Page
Mohi Quadir
Coatings and Polymeric Materials
Freie University of Berlin, Germany,
2010 Polymeric materials for drug delivery

Dr. Quadir Home Page
Sheela Ramamoorthy
Microbiological Sciences
Virginia Tech, 2006
Virology, immunology, and vaccinology

Dr. Ramamoorthy Home Page
Jiajiao Rao
Plant Sciences
University of Massachusetts-Amherst,
2013 Food chemistry and ingredient technology

Dr. Rao Home Page
Katie Reindl
Biological Sciences
North Dakota State University, 2006
Cancer cell biology, cancer prevention and treatment, evaluating bioactive food components

Dr. Reindl Home Page
Larry Reynolds
Animal Sciences
Iowa State University, 1983
Nutrition and pregnancy in ruminants

Dr. Reynolds Home Page
Kenton Rodgers
Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Iowa, 1988
Inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry

Dr. Rodgers Home Page
Jane Schuh
Microbiological Sciences
North Dakota State University, 2002
Environmental allergic asthma triggered by mold

Dr. Schuh Home Page
Sangita Sinha
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Purdue University, 2000
Biochemistry and structural biology of 
host-pathogen interactions

Dr. Sinha Home Page
Kristine Steffen
Pharmaceutical Sciences
North Dakota State University, 2007
Biology of obesity and post-bariatric outcomes, gastrointestinal microbiome research

Dr. Steffen Home Page
Chengwen Sun
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Jilin University, China, 2000
Blood pressure regulation, cell signaling

Dr. Sun Home Page
Kendall Swanson
Animal Sciences
University of Kentucky, 2000
Ruminant nutrition, energy metabolism, protein metabolism, pancreatic function, beef cattle production

Dr. Swanson Home Page

Sathish Venkatachalem
Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of Madras-Chennal,
India, 2003 
Pulmonary Physiology and Pharmacology

Dr. Venkatachalem Home Page
Danling Wang
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Peking University, 2003; University of Washington, 2014
Sensor design, fabrication, and application of early-state human disease monitoring and diagnosis

Dr. Wang Home Page
Alison Ward
Animal Sciences
University of Saskatchewan,
Canada, 2011
Livestock epigenetics, nutrient-gene interactions, and developmental programming

Dr. Ward Home Page
John Wilkinson
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Vanderbilt University, 2001
Cancer cell metabolism, cell death pathways, mitochondrial gene expression, animal models of tumorigenesis                

Dr. Wilkinson Home Page
Qifeng Zhang
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Peking University, 2001
Nanomaterials for sensor and biomedical applications, nanotechnology

Dr. Zhang Home Page
Special Faculty
James Grier
Biological Sciences (emeritus)
Cornell University, 1975
Population dynamic and ecology, 
evolutionary biology, and systematics

Dr. Grier Home Page
Ben Brooks
Electrical and Computer Engineering (temp/Carterra)
University of Wyoming, 2008
Protein biochemistry

Dr. Brooks Home Page
Stefan Vetter
Pharmaceutical Sciences (research assistant professor) 
Swiss Federal Institute of
Technology, 1998
Development of small molecules and peptides for the modulation of Receptor for Advanced Glycation Endproducts (RAGE) in disease states

Dr. Vetter Home Page



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