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Articles from various media outlets about the Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites' faculty, industry members, and research projects.

Dr. David Grewell on CB2 At NDSU

Prarie Public —  September 24, 2019

Dr. Grewell speaks with Prarie Public about CB2 for Bioplsatics week. More »

CB2 Meeting at NDSU Featured by INFORUM

INFORUM —  November 15, 2018

Top research firms unveil innovative research at NDSU. More »


Dr. David Grewell on News about Bioplastics

Thomson Reuters Foundation News —  September 12, 2018

Dr. David Grewell was on news talking about bioplastics. More »


Dr. David Grewell on Radio about Bioplastics

Iowa Public Radio —  June 12, 2018      KHOI  —  July 27, 2018

Dr. David Grewell was invited to talk about bioplastics at Iowa Public Radio (link) and KHOI (link, starts at 13:00).


CB2 Research on Biopolymers from Agave Fibers Featured by National Science Foundation

Medium —  April 22, 2018

From agave-based car parts to soy pots, NSF-funded engineers explore bio-based plastics. More »


CB2 Featured on UGATODAY

UGATODAY —  February 7, 2018

University of Georgia, at the planning stage to join CB2, was featured in UGATODAY's article "New Materials, New Perspectives". More »


SelfEco Featured on KARE11

KARE11 —  March 25, 2017

CB2 industry member SelfEco was featured on KARE11's Inventures for its compostable and self-feeding garden pots. More »


CB2 Research Showcased on Faculty Research Day

Iowa State Daily—  March 21, 2017

CB2 is at the forefront of the research aiming to reduce the use of petroleum in industrial adhesives. More »


Bioplastics Team Won CALS Team Award

Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS)—  March 10, 2017

The team developed a sustainable technology that replaces petroleum-based plastics with ones made from biorenewable materials. Congrats to team members William Graves, Chris Currey, David Grewell, Darren Jarboe, Kurt Rosentrater, and James Schrader. More »  See Team Photo »


Grewell Selected to Serve on Biotechnology Council

Office of Biotechnology —  November, 2016

Dr. David Grewell has been selected to serve a three-year term on Iowa State's Biotechnology Council. The council makes recommendations to the Office of Biotechnology on program activities supporting biotechnology research, education and outreach. More »


Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites Placing Iowa on Top

Cultivation Corridor —  October, 2016

CB2 helps give Iowa a competitive edge in the bioplastics industry. The Center's goals align with the State of Iowa's mission to create more sustainable manufacturing processes. More »


Iowa State University Researchers Develop Soy-based Fertilizer for Improved Sustainability

Iowa State University News Service —  October, 2016

David Grewell and James Schrader lead a team investigating the use of soy-based materials in a fully biorenewable, slow-release fertilizer. More »


SPE has released a Call for Papers for ANTEC 2017 in Anaheim, California

SPE —  October, 2016

SPE's Plastics Technology Conference, ANTEC 2017, is now accepting Professional and Graduate Paper Submissions due January 13, 2017. See PDF Flyer for more info »


CB2 Industy Member, SelfEco, is a Finalist and Division Winner in Minnesota's Statewide Entrepreneurship Competition

MN Cup —  September 1, 2016

CB2 industry member SelfEco is the Food/Ag/Beverage division winner in the MN Cup, Minnesota's competition to find the state's best entrepreneur of 2016. More »


SPI Released Plastics Market Watch: Bioplastics Report

SPI —  August 2016

As a member of SPI, CB2 wants to share SPI's Plastics Market Watch Report on Bioplastics. The report focuses on business and environmental benefits of bioplastics products. Go to SPI's website to see the PDF report »


Byogy Speaks at Biofuels Association of Australia

Biofuels Association of Australia —  August 2016

CEO of CB2 industry member Byogy, Kevin Weiss, speaks about "Renewables and the Next Steps to Commercialisation" at Biofuels Association of Australia. More »


CB2 as SPI Member Spotlight in Bioplastics Connect

SPI Bioplastics Connect —  Spring 2016

See CB2 in the Member Spotlight in the Spring issue of SPI Bioplastics Connect. More »


Why Ford Wants to Make Car Parts out of a Tequila Factory's Leftovers

The Washington Post —  July 22, 2016

CB2 director, David Grewell, and CB2 industry member, Debbie Mielewski, Ford's senior technical leader of sustainbalbe materials, were mentioned in the Washington Post about Ford's work on bioplastics in automotive industry. More »


Ford, Jose Cuervo Team up to Make Car Parts from Agave

Ford MediaCenter —  July 19, 2016

CB2 industry member, Ford, teamed up with Jose Cuervo to make car parts from agave. More »


Advance Australia Air: Byogy Steps Up in Australia in Drive for Low-Carbon Jet Fuels

BiofuelsDigest —  July 3, 2016

CB2 industry member, Byogy, was featured in BiofuelsDigest. It mentioned the work CB2 is currently doing on agave fibers for the possible co-products. More »


BYOGY Renewables Appoints Martin Ferguson as Australia Chairman

PR MediaRelease —  June 27, 2016

News about CB2 industry member, Byogy. Emerging Silicon Valley biofuel producer, Byogy Renewables Inc. has stepped up plans to commercialize a biofuel industry in Australia.  More »


"What Do You Have in the 'Bio' Range?"

Bio-based additives and fillers are answering the calls for sustainability

Plastics Engineering —  March 2016

Companies are on the march toward goals such as reducing carbon footprint and waste, and bio-based, renewably sourced materials—including modifiers, reinforcements, and fillers used in either conventional or biobased polymer formulations—can help companies achieve these targets. More on page 14 »


Grow with KARE: SelfEco Pot

KARE 11 News —  February 22, 2016

CB2 industry member, SelfEco, was featured on KARE 11 (NBS Affiliate) in Minneapolis/St. Paul. SelfEco's new product is a compostable, self-feeding garden pot. This is the 'cutting edge of gardening'. More »


Researchers Test 'Game Changer' in Manufacturing Industry

KCCI Des Moines —  February 11, 2016

Iowa State University researchers are testing a 3D metal printer that has the potential to save companies time and money in the manufacturing process. More »


Recycling Passion: Engineers at Washington State University take upcycling to a whole new level

Washington State Magazine

At the Composite Material and Engineering Center, they turn waste—from wood to carpet fiber to wind turbine blades—into composite materials strong enough for new buildings and bridges. More »


Iowa State University Buys Wittmann Battenfeld Machine

Plastics Technology — September 1, 2015

The Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites (CB2), a Center for Crops Utilization Research (CCUR) program at Iowa State University, recently purchased a HM 90/350 injection molding machine from Wittmann Battenfeld, Torrington, CT, for research and education purposes. More »


Cultivating Iowa's Growth in Bio-based Plastics

Business Record — August 7, 2015

Plastics are integral and ubiquitous in our everyday lives, from the interiors of our vehicles to our cellphones to the packaging for the products we purchase. Surprisingly, few plastics yet are made with renewable materials and processes. A new center at Iowa State University — in partnership with more than two dozen corporations, and the number is growing — is working to change that paradigm. More on page 12 »


Five-Year Study Culminates In Viable Biobased Plant Containers

Plastics Technology Blog — April 27, 2015


CB2: Collaboration on Biobased Products

Inland Blog — April 22, 2015

Plant Oils Used for Novel Biobased Plastics

Product Design and Development — April 16, 2015


CB2 produces biobased plant containers live at NPE2015

Plastics Today — March 20 2015

New NSF Center for Bioplastics and BIocomposites Launched

bioplastics MAGAZINE — January 2015, Volume 10: SUBSCRIPTION ONLY

NPE2015 Show Preview

bioplastics MAGAZINE — January 2015, Volume 10: SUBSCRIPTION ONLY

Renewable Materials Research Gets Government, Industry Funding

Iowa Public Radio — December 11, 2014

Iowa State University Researchers Hope to Make Bioplastic Adhesives Stick in the Marketplace

Iowa State University News Service — November 20, 2014

Iowa State University Researcher Sees Market Potential for Biobased Wax Coatings

Center for Crops Utilization Research Newsletter — July-August 2014

Super-absorbent Gel Could Help Farmers Save Water

Washington State University News — June 30, 2014

Team Developing Materials and Electronics that Dissolve when Triggered

Iowa State University News Service — April 3, 2014

CB2 was Featured in a Recent Blog Post on Iowa Science Interface

Iowa Science Interface — March 5, 2013


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