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Test Services

We mainly offer Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) for test services. Our HALT & HASS testing lab provides services to help shorten new product development time, decrease warranty costs and significantly improve product reliability. This is accomplished through stepped temperature & vibration tests to establish product limits and then with rapid thermal cycling and vibration. We work collaboratively with our customers to provide assistance for their HALT and HASS test project. Through careful implementation of each test protocol and industry-leading reporting, our team provides the data necessary to accurately identify design weaknesses or other points of failure.

Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) – an effective tool using cold temperature, hot temperature, thermal transitions, and random vibration to expose latent defects and weak links during a product’s design phase. By eliminating failure mechanisms found during the HALT process, product reliability is improved in a short period of time. Using high levels of stress, in just a few days HALT exposes the same failure modes that are likely to occur under normal stress conditions over an extended period of time.

Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) / Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) – a screening process utilizing rapid thermal transitions and random vibration to expose process variations in manufacturing. HASS is used to monitor outgoing quality and improve product reliability.

For other test service inquires, please contact the Director of CQRME.

Data Analysis Services

To complement our test services, we also offer data analysis services. Our data analysis services mainly focus on delivering Reliability Data Analysis, which includes:

  • Life data analysis (also referred to as "Weibull analysis")
  • Accelerated testing data analysis
  • Degradation data analysis

For other data analysis inquiries, please contact the Director of CQRME.  


Qualmark HawQ Chamber

HawQ is a Portable Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) System. This chamber features an introductory level rapid testing system combined with environment accelerated testing. It offers rapid thermal changes from +200° C to -100° C with six degree of freedom repetitive shock vibration. Download HawQ spec sheet here

Test Chamber Specification


19.0”w x 16.0”d x 10.5”h 
(483mm x 406mm x 267mm)


32.7”w x 43.8”d x 56.1”h 
(832mm x 1113mm x 1425mm)


+200 °C to -100 °C
+392 °F to -148 °F


16.0”w x 12.0”d 
(406 x 305mm)


4 – 40 gRMS


50 lb (23 kg)


208VAC / 40A / 1­ 50/60Hz, 240VAC / 40A / 1­ 50/60Hz, 208VAC / 30A / 3­ 50/60Hz, 400VAC / 20A / 3­ 50/60Hz


2 Lubricant-free Actuators


20 scfm at 80 psi


Heating: 35°C or 95°F /min average
Cooling: 40°C or 104 °F /min average

Hirox RH-2000 3D Digital Microscope

Hirox’s CMOS camera to capture up to 50 fps with the continuous high-quality resolution of 1920x1200 pixel. This provides a great on-screen performance and live image operation is as smooth as the naked eye and frame rate can be increased up to 100 fps in the Binning mode. Download the spec sheet here.

Digital Microscope Specification


Image sensor 

1/1.9-inch, 2.38 Mega-pixel CMOS Sensor

Scanning Mode

Progressive Scan

Total Pixels

1952 (H) x 1241 (V)

Effective Pixels

1945 (H) x 1225 (V)

Visual Pixels

1920 (H) x 1200 (V)

Frame Rate

50 Frame/sec. at 1920 x 1200 Pixel Resolution

Electronic Shutter

AUTO (1/24 ~1/100000)

Supercharge Shutter

Preference Setup (17 ~ 1/100000)


Auto / Manual (0dB ~ 12dB)

White balance

Auto (One Push), Manual (R, B)

Camera Cable Length

2 Meter (Option: up to 10 meter extensio

Ligth SourceLampHigh Intensity LED
Lamp Life30,000 hours (Average)
Color Temperature5700K (Typical)
OutputCameraUSB 3.0 Series B
MyCom ContollerACS, Rotary, External Devices, Others 
USB 2.0 Series B
Pixel Pitch0.01" (H) x 0.01" (V) - 0.248 (H) x 0.248 (V) mm
InputMotorized Z-Axis5 Phase Step Motor Driver Integrated
ExternalFoot Switch (Capture / Capture Image)
USB PortsUSB 2.0 Series A / 2Types
InterfaceThrough PCLAN, USB 3.0 / 2.0, HDMI, Others


Software used in conjunction with our test and data analysis service include:

If there is any specific recommended software that you would like us to use in a project, please contact the Director of CQRME

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