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Graduate Students

Picture of Andrew

Andrew Heinz
Graduate Research Assistant

134E8 Minard Hall |


Picture of Dustin Elliott

Dustin Elliott

Picture of Andrea

Andrea Bocincova

Picture of Shanda

Shanda Lauer

Picture of Jessica

Jessica Holmin

Picture of Carol

Carol Huynh

Picture of Christopher Kuylen

Christopher Kuylen

Picture of Nora Gayzur, M.S.

Nora Gayzur, Ph.D.

Picture of Aaron Clarke, Ph.D.

Aaron Clarke, Ph.D.

Picture of Jonathon George, M.S.

Jon George, M.S.

Picture of Lynnette Leone, Ph.D.

Lynnette Leone, Ph.D.

Picture of Stephanie Simon-Dack, Ph.D.

Stephanie Simon-Dack, Ph.D.

Hisn-Mei Sun, Ph. D.

Hsin-Mei Sun, Ph.D.

Picture of Yamaya Machado, Ph.D.

Yamaya Sosa Machado, Ph.D.