Language Learning and Processing Lab

Welcome to the Language Learning and Processing Lab.

We're investigating two critical questions about language and how it works

1. There is a lot of information in the speech that children hear. Which aspects of that information do children use to learn their first language(s)?

2. How do children and adults understand and represent words and sentences and do those representations change over development?

Our lab uses a range of methods to investigate these questions. We use eye tracking, sentence comprehension studies, speech production and EEG to get a complete picture of the nature of language learning and representation from early childhood through adulthood. Our research centers on the interactions of sound, structure and meaning in language development and processing.

Parents: If you have a child between 3 and 10 years of age and are interested in participating in our studies, follow the "Participants" link at the left.

Undergraduates interested in working with us should click on the "RA Opportunities" link. Other questions or comments may be directed to