Vaccine Safety​
  • Institute of Medicine (IOM) Reports on Vaccine Safety: Childhood Immunization Schedule and Safety (2013); Adverse Effects of Vaccines (2011) - The Department of Health and Human Services asks the IOM to review the current recommended vaccines and their safety. The IOM has found no evidence of major safety concerns for children who adhere to the recommended childhood immunization schedule, vaccines are safe, and serous adverse events from vaccines are rare. ​
  • The Problem With Dr. Bob’s Alternative Vaccine Schedule. This article was written in response to a book by Dr. Robert Sears called “The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child.” This book includes an alternative vaccine schedule for children. This article, “The Problem with Dr. Bob’s Alternative Vaccine Schedule,” breaks down the incorrect logic and rationale used in the book’s recommendations and describes how Dr. Sears misinforms parents about vaccine safety and science.​
  • NPR Podcast: An Alternative Vaccination Schedule Actually Presents More Risks Than Benefits 
  • Vaccines Are Not Associated With Autism: A meta-analysis of five cohort studies involving 1.2 million children was conducted. The data revealed no relationship between vaccination and autism, no relationship between autism and the MMR vaccine, no relationship between autism and thimerosal, and no relationship between autism and mercury. Finding suggest that vaccinations are not associated with the development of autism or autism spectrum disorder.​
Vaccine Coverage​


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