Connect with the Fargo Startup Community in the Nice Network

All are welcome as we connect students, faculty and community members who have a connection of any kind with the Fargo-Moorhead entrepreneurial community.

The biggest challenge we have heard from students and community members is how to connect with events, resources, mentors and other creators. That’s why we started The Nice Network. Join at

The Nice Network connects students and community members with the events, mentors, and fellow creators to help them learn, launch and act on their ideas. Plus, The Nice Network is integrated with a global community of startups, so you can find mentors or cofounders with the exact skills you need, anywhere in the world.

We’re excited to support the Fargo entrepreneurial ecosystem by improving connecting within the community and around the world.

Three Highlights from the Nice Network

1. Find events

The events we share in this newsletter are available on The Nice Network. You can sort events by important categories like free food! Plus, you can add your own events. View events here.

2. Connect with the community

Sort members by their skills, role or what they’re looking for. Find a mentor, cofounder or employee in Fargo or around the world. Connect here.

3. Discover resources

Identify community resources to help you, whether you are starting to think of an idea or looking to launch and grow your project. View the resource roadmap.

Build Your Network — The Nice Network Will Help

It’s often said that your network is your net worth. The power of the Fargo community is the plethora of founders, mentors and resources available. Whether you are playing around with an idea or ready to grow your project, Fargo has people who are excited to help.

We hope The Nice Network facilitates these connections and fills in any gaps Fargo may have by connecting students and community members with the global startup community. Whether you need a coder, behavioral analyst or investor, you can find them from The Nice Network.

Join us and let us know how we can continue to seed the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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