Using the Benefits of a Free Market to Combat Climate Change

Recently, there has been a heated debate about whether capitalism or some form of socialist reform would be best suited to fighting climate change...

Capitalism Mythbusters: Free markets destroy civil society.

This is the fourth entry in a multi-part series on Capitalism Mythbusters. 

It is becoming increasingly common for people to attribute the economic system of free exchange, also known as capitalism, with the erosion of community and civil society. 

Capitalism and Discrimination

"Discrimination is not done by villains. It's done by us."
- Vivienne Ming, theoretical neuroscientist, technologist and entrepreneur

A Q&A-style discussion about the relationship between capitalism and discrimination...

Capitalism Mythbusters: Free markets are bad for your health.

This is the third entry in a multi-part series on Capitalism Mythbusters. 

In this post, I examine the myth that free markets negatively impact your health.

Capitalism Mythbusters: Free markets lead to intolerance toward minorities.

This is the second entry in a multi-part series on Capitalism Mythbusters.

Malcolm X once said “You can’t have capitalism without racism” (Malcolm X Speaks, 1965). This straightforward quote...

Capitalism Mythbusters: Introduction

In this series of blog posts, I will shed light on some of the most controversial myths about capitalism. I will look to data and research to discover which myths are bolstered and which myths are busted.

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