The Gig Economy, Millennials and Capitalism

Since the Industrial Revolution catalyzed the Labor Movement, workers have been tied to the 8 hour work day, expected to work diligently from “9 to 5.” However, recent trends suggest this structure may be shifting...

The Future of Work: Bright or Bleak?

Machines first began automating human labor 200 years ago. Textile workers were hit hard when their bosses learned of the free, constant and near-flawless work that could be done by textile machines....

The Threat of Tariffs

The national economy is robust and strong – with reports of four percent growth last quarter and low unemployment – but a global trade war could bring a halt to this economic prosperity.

North Dakota Labor Market Trends

North Dakota suffers from a labor force shortage. Currently, there are more than 12,000 open jobs in the state, enough to be North Dakota’s 10th largest city.

Minimum Wages Lead to Minimum Freedom

Earlier this month, minimum wage hikes took effect in 18 states. Thankfully, North Dakota wasn’t one of them.

New Study Damages the Case for Raising the Minimum Wage

In North Dakota’s most recent legislative session, a bill was proposed (HB 1263) to raise the minimum wage to $9.25 and mandate future increases by tying it to the rate of inflation. Legislators were right to reject this bill.

The Misplaced Fear of Automation

The rapid advancement of technology has always brought with it the fear of permanent worker displacement...

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