[Podcast] Creating True Super Foods with Innovative Food Production -- with Jayson Lusk

Have you ever wondered about the food you eat? In this episode of Nice Live, Jayson Lusk provides us with an insight on all the facts about food.

Jayson Lusk is a professor and head of the Department of Agriculture Economics at Purdue University. He talks about the future of food and all that we need to know about what we eat. Jayson reclaims the meaning of superfoods, the crucial role innovation plays in resolving problems, and how the misconceptions people have about the food system creates avoidable concerns.

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Food Production with Jayson Lusk | Nice Live

This article is re-published with permission from The Nice Center

Jayson Lusk and Raymond March recording a podcast
Jayson Lusk is interviewed by Raymond March for an episode of The Nice Center Presents.
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