Faculty Initiative Program

Supporting faculty initiatives across campus.



Our mission at the Center for the Study of Public Choice and Private Enterprise is to engage in research and educational programs to uncover the institutions and policies that encourage and enhance human well-being. While we are grounded in economics, we support and actively encourage efforts that cross traditional boundaries set by departmental and college delineations. The Center achieves its mission by:

  • Producing research and programming on issues relevant to North Dakota and the Upper Great Plains region.
  • Advancing knowledge of the sources and causes of human well-being and the distinctive roles of entrepreneurship, free markets, philanthropy, private enterprise and public policy in achieving it.
In pursuit of this mission, the Center is now offering funding of up to $5,000 for projects, programs, and research across the University which contribute to these ideas. 


Faculty from any major/department and teams that include off-campus co-applicants are all encouraged to apply.


Topics should relate in some way to the mission of the Center and support the broader mission of NDSU. Funding is available for, but not limited to: research projects, conference attendance, student programs, guest speakers, on-campus events, community engagement, and purchasing datasets/resources.

To Apply

Applications can be submitted any time via email to ndsu.pcpe@ndsu.edu Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and should not exceed two pages. Applicants will receive a response within one month of submission.

Proposals should include:

1) List of proposal members' names, titles, and departments (including a contact person with an NDSU email).

2) Description of the project, program or research and how it relates to the Center mission.

3) Estimated impact of the project on campus (student and/or faculty) and the state of knowledge in your field.

4) Detailed budget containing full cost of project and how funding from the Center (maximum $5,000) will be used.

5) Timeline showing when the funds will be needed, when the project will be conducted, and the completion date.

6) Is the completion of the project, program, or research contingent on other not yet received funds? If so, when will you know if other (required) funds have been awarded?


Applications will be evaluated by the PCPE Director. The initial evaluation will assess how well the proposal addresses the guidelines above and the project's contribution to the Center's mission. A response will be emailed within one month of submission. 

Funds must be used in compliance with all University policies. 

Questions should be directed to Director Jeremy Jackson at jeremy.jackson@ndsu.edu 



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